Arbistar is on fire! New products incoming soon. Excellent Passive income with arbistar

Arbistar is life changing!

This is how it works.

✅1. Deposit in to the community bot with €300 min up to 50k (that is your working capital)
✅2. Arbistar software uses that to trade the price differences in different exchanges.
✅3. Your working capital runs indefinitely and all profit made from it can either be withdrawn weekly or reinvested weekly. This is done automatically. you just set it to what you want.
✅4. This is making up to 30% a month profit. Capital remains working capital.

There is the option to withdraw your working capital.

AND LETS NOT FORGET THIS IS A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ! From a 1 time payment of €300.....IMAGINE having €1000 in ArbiStar working for you ? How would upto €300 or more extra a month help you and your family !

You may think you’re succeeding by “saving” your money.... well let me tell you a matter of fact it’s COSTING you money !

“Don’t work for your money... make your money work for you !”

This company uses AI software that expedites trades via arbitraging.

Arbitraging is zero risk trading. It's the purchasing of assets from one exchange where it is at a low price and the selling of said assets to another exchange who charge a higher price for the very same asset...the difference in price however small is profit.

This software executes many of these arbitraging trades, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, accumulating massive profits !!

No losses whatsoever....the software will simply not execute a trade at a loss...simple

What this means for us.....this means that this company will take our funds...enter them onto multiple exchanges and make our money grow at an alarming rate 🤩

Averaging at around 30% pure profits each month ✅✅✅

Notice I say pure profits.....this is the game changer.....what we are being paid every single day is profits only !!!!

Our deposits remain forever (until we want to withdraw them of course) so think about this for one moment.....hmmmm

✅ We deposit.....yes
✅We get upto 30% monthly....yes
✅We can also fully withdraw our deposit....yes
✅We receive pure profits and full return of
deposit if we wish.....yes

And here is the deal breaker right here........

How long does our deposits keep earning us these profits.......FOREVER 🤩♥️🙏

You are NEVER required to deposit more unless you wish to earn enough to replace your current salary!


A one time deposit of let's say €1000 will pay you around €300 monthly each and every month

Or how about this, deposit €10,000 and you get around €3000 monthly each and every month

All direct into your wallet done automatically every Saturday 🤩 can compound, also automatic just set it and leave it.

If you understand the power of compounding interest then you know what I know already !

Arbistar 2.0 is CHANGING LIVES IN A HUGE WAY ♥️ Let it change yours too!

📊 Welcome to ArbiStar 2.0 📊

ArbiStar 2.0 is fully automated Arbitraging Trading software that trades your Crypto for you, through 13 different Crypto exchanges.


💡Arbitraging: The simultaneous buying and selling an asset (Crypto) on different markets to profit from the price difference between those markets. In a highly simplified example of how cryptocurrency arbitrage works, you would search for a specific coin that’s cheaper on Exchange A than on Exchange B. You then buy the coin on Exchange A, sell it for a higher price on Exchange B and pocket the difference making the trade RISK FREE...All this is done for you passively by our ARBISTAR 2.0 SOFTWARE.



€300 Minimum - €50k Max/Account

•Free To Register & Participate (No Monthly Fee/Min Withdraw 10 Euros)
•100% Automatic Profits Payed in BTC Every Saturday (Compound or Withdraw Options)
•Profits Managed by ArbiStar 2.0 (70% Take Home/20% Goes to Network/10% Company Profit)
•Estimated Return: (0.5-1.5%)
•Weekly payouts on Saturdays
•Withdraw investment after 60 days
•Transparency Shown In The Community Bot Tab In Back Office (LIVE STREAM)


•100% Control Of Your Crypto
•Includes all future software products
•Trades on 13 Crypto Exchanges
•No limits on # of trades/day
•No Limits On Amount Of BTC On Exchanges
•Estimated Daily Return (1% - 20%) (Depending On Market Conditions)


🔘 Have a turnover of more than 30,000 euros in your 1 LEVEL.
🔘 Refer directly and your team referring indirectly will earn you 2% commissions of their community bot profits.
🔘 You will earn for referring directly and indirectly for selling a Vip License (Personal Bot) earning you 6% Commission (300 euros)


🔘 Every €100,000 of turnover in direct sales, ArbiStar will pay you €10,000 Commission in BTC.
🔘 To collect the 10k bonus you must sell 5 Personal Bots (25,000) rest coming fro

Let me know if you need help getting started!