Passive Income: how I earn $5,000/month in 2019 (working 3h/week)

Let's discuss how to make passive income online!

There are countless business opportunities online but not all are created equal.

Especially if you need an extra income as fast as possible and don't have much time to work on it.

I'm working from 8am till 8pm everyday on a job that I love, so I don't have much time to work on something else. So what alternatives do we have?

For you and me, the most realistic are online courses business, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce.

But what is the best, “easiest”, fastest passive income business to build online?

It definitely is e-commerce. No need to be in front of a camera, you can make money from day 1, no audience necessary, takes not much time once everything is set up. And nowadays, it doesn’t require to spend a lot of money upfront.

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