Three Tools Online Business Owners Need

Luke Kayyem, the owner of The Fittest Tribe Alive, sat down with us recently for an episode of ORIGINALS, but did not fail to plug in his love for Design Pickle. Not only does he talk about how he uses Design Pickle but also talks about two other awesome tools he uses in his online business, The Fittest Tribe Alive.

Who Is Design Pickle? The most helpful creative company in the world. Our mission goes far beyond Adobe files. We wake up every day to change lives through our creative service, support and products. Every Design Pickle experience is guided by our core values: Friendly, Smart-Working, Truth, and Service.

We treat each other and our clients with warmth and authenticity. We are self-starters and seek out the best solution for every circumstance. Our actions, conversations and decisions are guided by reality and doing what's right. We give back to the communities we self-identify with.

How will a pickled themed company change the lives of millions around the world? On the surface it may seem like hippy-dippy-baloney, but we are committed to achieving our vision through a three-pronged strategy: 1) Deliver world-class creative services, products and careers. 2) Create original content to inspire, entertain, educate and inform. 3) Advance the vocation of graphic design around the globe.

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