Rich Dad Poor Dad... 2019 And Still A Scam? Robert Kiyosaki?

Today we are going to be reviewing a book about business, entrepreneurship, assets and passive income. #robertkiyosaki #money #richdadpoordad

Robert Kiyosaki has written great deal of books about business entrepreneurship and business. Today we will review one of his most famous books Rich Dad Poor Dad and discuss if it's a scam.

I got an interesting comment when I talked about Rich Dad Poor Dad with Dan Lok, and how it fundamentally changed my mind.

I got this comment and e-mail from a subscriber raising a valid concern. I want to address some of the controversies, tell you guys about what do I think about Rich Dad Poor Dad, whether it is a good book, and if we should care about the author's reputation.

Here is the thing, if you go back in time, at the time I read Rich Dad Poor Dad there wasn't a great deal of books teaching about entrepreneurship, investments, assets, business and passive income.

So at the Time, Rich Dad Poor Dad was an eye opening for me. There was a difference in my way of thinking after I read the book. I was focused on living paycheck to paycheck, saving money buy a new car ect .... I wasn't thinking about assets and investments and how to duplicate that money for me to live off with passively.

So Rich Dad Poor Dad totally changed my mind and way of thinking of things whether they are either an asset or an expense or Asset and liability.

About the author, Robert Kiyosaki, a lot of controversy surrounding him, I don't know exactly what they are, but there are clear facts that he did some dishonest things, he misrepresented himself.

And to be Honest I don't know Robert Kiyosaki, I never met him. So I'm not gonna judge him. I'm just saying what it is publicly known about him.

But still, that doesn't change my opinion about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I also know that the book contain factual errors, bad advice etc ... And I AGREE it's missing a key advise. I don't tell you how to find these assets, how to own them, where to find them? that is my biggest complaint.

However, the story in Rich Dad Poor Dad, is dumped down to reach the majority of people. Including me the time I read it. I also agree that I would choose a book based on the reputation of the author. However, Wisdom is Wisdom even if it is said from the mouth of fools.

And At the end remember, follow people like me like Dan Lok like robert kiyosaki, like Tony Robbins but don't worship these people.

Learn how to invest in yourself.

The concerns are valid but it is not an excuse.

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