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Zcoin is a asic-resistant GPU mineable cryptocurrency thanks to Merkle Tree Proofs MTP mining algorithm, lets review Zcoin XZC!
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Zcoin is not Zcash OR a fork of Zcash, Zcoin is based off of Zerocoin whereas Zcash is based off of Zerocash. Zcoin has taken an asic-resistant thanks w/ their MTP mining algorithm, they are also an excellent option for cryptocurrency passive income through the use of their masternode system dubbed Znodes. Unfortunately, Zcoin recently experienced an attack/hack through a flaw in the Zerocoin privacy protocol, they have fixed the issue with a soft fork but being an immutable blockchain there was some damage done.

00:00 Zcoin XZC Sigma review intro
01:30 Free Zcoin XZC giveaway
02:17 Zcoin is NOT a fork of Zcash ZEC
04:15 Zcoin new Lelantus privacy protocol on Sigma
05:55 Zcoin Zerocoin vulnerability exploit/hack
07:27 Zcoin QT wallet review & XZC ZelCore
08:37 Zignaly crypto trading platform & bot
09:19 Zcoin XZC passive income w/ Zcoin mining
09:49 Zcoin is a asic-resistant GPU mineable coin
10:48 Zcoin XZC GPU mining profitability MTP algo
11:14 Zcoin Znode PoS masternode passive income
11:40 Zcoin XZC masternode profitability/earnings
12:45 Zcoin development activity and XZC transparency
13:42 Zcoin review - Final thoughts on XZC

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