How Much I Made From ONE Video on YouTube

This is how much money I made from my highest earning video on YouTube. I am speechless.

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This is how much money I made from YouTube on one of my best performing videos. People often ask how much do youtubers make, and just how much does youtube pay? I would say youtube is the best way to make money online and generate an incredible source of passive income. It's not entirely passive because you need to consistently create content, but it's worth it if you can stick to it!

Here is my YouTube income comparing two videos. One of my videos got over 15 million views, and the other one has almost 700,000 views. You would think the one with more views makes more money right? That's an incorrect assumption. Today I want to compare the two and show you exactly how much YouTube has paid me.

When compared to my dividends and the stock market, this kind of income far exceeds my investments. However, the money I make from my youtube channel goes toward investing into my dividend stock portfolio where I can generate the best source of passive income from high quality blue chip paying stocks.