10 High Paying Jobs without a Degree [ 3 Interview Secrets]

I’ve found ten high paying jobs without a degree requirement and a great resource online for finding the best paying jobs in America. These are jobs you can get with little or no education and will pay you above average salaries.

I worked as a labor economist for five years so finding these types of high paying jobs, studying their growth and opportunities is exactly what I did for a living. In this video, I’m sharing exactly how to find the highest paying jobs for 2019 and what you need to get the job. I’m also revealing the ten best jobs with no degree requirements, jobs that are growing and pay high wages.

I’ll first walk you through some of the online tools you can use to find the best jobs before detailing each of these ten jobs with little or no education or experience required. Stick around to the end of the video though because I’m also revealing three secrets to getting any job you want. These are three tips that will help you ace any interview so make sure you watch the entire video.

While these jobs require little or no education, you should always be upgrading your skills to stay competitive in the workforce. A great resource I use for inexpensive video courses and learning is Udemy.

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Each of these high paying jobs I reveal in the video is in a growing field. That means, not only will there always be demand for these workers, the salary for each will keep going up because of that demand. You won’t have to worry about these jobs being taken by outsourcing or robots.

I’ve highlighted high paying jobs in different sectors so there’s something for everyone. I start with the high paying jobs with a high school diploma and finish up with some of the best jobs with an associate degree. It might take a couple years of education to get these last jobs but some pay as much as $20,000 more than the average job.

I love these jobs for high pay without a degree but you don’t have to be content with a traditional job. Watch this video next on how to start a side hustle that will not only make you extra money but could become a full-time business https://youtu.be/KPjnEGhMCbQ

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1:45 How to Find High Paying Jobs with No College Required
2:10 Finding High Paying Jobs that are Growing
4:10 High Paying Jobs with High School Diploma
6: 35 High Paying Jobs without a Degree [Some Job Training]
6:58 High Paying Jobs with Associate Degree
7:33 Best Paying Jobs in America

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