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This is a Legit Online Marketing Program Operating in 3 Countries Only i.e Kenya 🇰🇪, Uganda Rwanda 🇷🇼
📌 *It started in the Year 2016*
The following are prove of Legitimacy of the business

*KRA Reg.No* : P051703969S

Before proceeding to the core of how to make money Online you should *Have a Business Mindset & know that this is a business like any other. In any business you need Capital to start*.Starting this business costs a one time Tiny Investment fee of *1,550 Kenyan shillings and u pay it once for life and never pay again meaning it's a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION*

Once you have become an Active member with the 1,550 Investment


*1.* 💸 *SPINNING*- Normally Every Monday to begin the week the Company Motivates members by incorporating a spin Wheel in Site Account where you Tap on the wheel, It Rotates then the figure on which the Pin points is credited on your account & you can withdraw it via M pesa or Bank

*2*- _The 2nd way is through AD SALES done on *CASH CHAT APP*,,, Download the App from Google Playstore,,, Which l had already explained at the top there
*3*~ Discounted Wallet to Wallet Transfers
*4*~ *ONLINE BANKING* whereby after Earning your Commissions instead of withdrawing them you can choose to save your Money in our Platform so that it acquire interest of 30% every Month
So when you will be withdrawing after 1 Month you withdraw your Commissions Plus ➕ 30% Acquired Interests,,,, So if you saved like 40,000 you now withdraw Ksh.52,000.You can do the math there
*5*~ The 5th way you earn through being an Affiliate that's where the referral marketing concept comes in.Also known as { *Network Marketing*}

Here as an Agent with BC you get Customers who will join under you to become Agents with the 1,550 each and you earn as follows.

💸 *1st Customer=650ksh(35,000ugx*)
💸 *2nd Customer =650Ksh*
💸 *3rd Customer=Ksh1,150*
💸 *4th Customer= Ksh1,150*
💸 *5th Customer=Ksh1,150*

So from 3rd Customer to Infinity you will be earning *Ksh.1,150* to Infinity & the chain continues like that for life.
In addition to that, your team makes you more money because you earn more *450ksh from any customer Sponsored in your Network downwards for life & you can just estimate how many people will be Sponsored in your network by your Numerous Direct Referrals,,, You will realise that in no time you will be earning residual Income starting with a Tiny Investment of 1,550*,, So even if you can't focus much on the business you will still be making a a lot of money
```So In Short it reaches a point even if you don't work you will still be earning```
Get started today & be in a position to make
👉 *Ksh.2,000 per day*
👉 *Ksh.14,000 per week*
👉 *Ksh.60,000 per month*

As a reminder your earnings are paid directly to you on money that is to say... *M-Pesa for Kenya and Airtel money/Mtn Mobile Money for Uganda.* You also receive your money your bank of choice as you wish.
The Reason l think this would be a better deal for you is because :-
1. 💸Joining Fee is Affordable.
2. 💸No selling supplements.
3. 💸No RENEWAL fees.
4. 💸There is Indirect income if you are not able to Focus on it all the time.
5. 💸Pay is INSTANT to your account.

6. 💸Withdrawals instantly through M-PESA or Banks

To start making money in our Platform you activate your account at a tiny Investment of *1,550 which send to the Company Paybill Number 218199*
Enter Account number as *BC*


#Whatsapp 0776230705

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