Cryptohands The way to make money in Crypto English

Cryptohands - new investment platform based on a smart contract on Ethereum.

Up to 10,000 ETH to earn per year!

Join the platform:

A very low risk investment where you can multiply your holdings very quick. And you would need only 0.05 ETH to start (about USD 10).

All transactions goes via the Ethereum smart contract and the funds does not go in the wallets of the owners of the platform (website) or to some admin wallet. Funds are transferred between users only. All transactions are always public and can be checked on Etherscan.

That's the beauty of this project.

It works like a Bank. Just, there's no central entity or portfolio managers who control your money. All transactions are open and the history is recorded on the Blockchain. It is like a "Community Bank", a decentralized network of people who decided to invest in this system.

The smart contract can't be rewritten or destroyed, nobody can't take your funds because they are deposited directed on the wallets of the participants.

Anybody with an ETH wallet address can participate. No country restrictions.

You're welcome to join our English chat on Telegram

Registration process -

Skype: live:.cid.acede0164a559953

P.S. If the system says that you came without a referral link, you can add this ETH address in the field 0xf9B9B07a2363D803Ca86708CD3cAe7B047AF385b and that's it!