How I got my Credit Score from 0 to 792 Beginner Guide

A beginner guide on how I got my Credit Score from 0 to almost 800. If you want to fix your credit score or go from 0 - this is the guide

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In today's video, I want to show you how to get your credit score from 0 to 750 and beyond! This is the ultimate beginner guide to repairing, fixing, and building your credit score. First, take a look at some of the lesser known benefits of credit card perks to get you excited, and once you're ready, let's increase your credit score!

Step 1: Get yourself a secured credit card whether your score is non existent or you want to fix bad credit. Here are the best credit cards to do that with,

Option A: Capital One Secured: (NOTE: unlike the Discover It Secured, this card has a lower minimum but does NOT have a feature to "review" and apply for a non secured credit card, which means you'll have to manually close your account to get your deposit back after establish credit)

Option B: Discover It Secured: (NOTE: I recommend going with this card if you have more cash for their security deposit because they have an automatic 8th month review period where you can go unsecured if you follow the steps to credit card building in the video)

Step 2: Learn how to use these cards to build your score and which factors affect your credit score. There are 5 different factors and categories responsible for your credit score, the video starts explaining at the 7:03 minute mark)

Step 3: Check your credit score! You can do this by performing a "soft inquiry" either on the online credit card site, or by downloading the free Credit Karma app. Alternatively, go to to get your free credit report (the only federally authorized source that allows you to check for free)

Step 4: Do the steps laid out within the video and your fico score should shoot up in a matter of months. Congratulations! This is how we were able to fix and repair our credit score using the best secured credit cards

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