How I Make $1,378 EVERY DAY in Passive Income

Want to make $1,387 every single day? I give you a look inside how I make $502,970 every single year in COMPLETELY PASSIVE INCOME! Whether I'm spending time with my family, on vacation, or just chilling and watching Netflix, I have figured out how to make passive income from real estate and other passive income streams that come in every single day no matter what, forever.

One of the ways I make passive income was discussed in the video I did with Meet Kevin where we went over all of my properties and explained why I invest in real estate. If you want to see that original video see it here.

Here are the 5 ways I make my income passively

1. Cash Flow

2. Principal Paydown

3. Appreciation

4. Hard Money Lending

5. Interest from Bank

I also give you 5 tips on how to get to this point if are trying to create your own passive income starting from $0.00.

If you're looking to do what I did to get ahead by doing summer sales at Aptive, feel free to contact me and apply for a job at

to view the link mentioned in the video about banks with high paying interest rates check out the link below. I actually found this link from one of Graham Stephan's youtube videos. So thank you Graham! Your passive income videos were definitely what inspired me to make this video on how to make passive income from real estate.

if you are in your 20's and in college I hope this video helps you learn how to make passive income in college. If you are not in this situation or wanting to consider selling door to door I hope this video still acts a stepping stone to help you know how to make a passive income.

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