3 Investments To Own for Life Minimalist Money

Step by step guide on the 3 best investments to own for life. Learn how to invest your money like a minimalist in the stock market.

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Minimalist Money. What does that mean? Minimalist Money is an approach on how to invest in a way that compliments the simple life. Minimalism is automation.

Today I wanted to make a video that I could show my 20 year old self about investing. Using a free brokerage app like Robinhood, I wanted to show the 3 investments that one should own if they want to automate their personal finances to generate more passive income or want to grow their wealth with the stock market.

I provide TWO approaches to growing your wealth. Growth index funds from Vanguard (in the form of exchange traded funds) and dividend growth investing in a way that's simple and easy to follow for beginners.

The first pillar of your investment portfolio is a broad market US exchange traded fund from Vanguard. The second pillar is exposure to the international stock market, and the third optional investment to complete your portfolio is a mix of bonds. With these 3 investments, you will be able to own the whole world economy at your fingertips without a lot of money - beating 99% of trading professionals.

Disclaimer: I'm not a licensed professional. This is for entertainment purposes only.