How to Start You Own Affiliate Marketing Program for eCommerce Website with WordPress

How to Start You Own Affiliate Marketing Program for eCommerce or WooCommerce Website both for Physical & Digital Products and even for Services with WordPress and Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin. How to add affiliate program to woocommerce website for affiliate marketers.
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Ultimate Affiliate Pro is the newest and most complete Affiliate WordPress Plugin that allow you provide a premium platform for your Affiliates with different rewards and amount based on Ranks or special Offers.

You can turn on your Website into a REAL business and income machine where you just need to sit down and let the others to work for you!

Each Affiliate can creates his own marketing Campaign and brings more Affiliates via the “Multi-Level-Marketing” strategy.
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00:09:16 Getting Best & Fastest Hosting
00:21:56 GoDaddy to SiteGround
00:23:46 Installing FREE SSL
00:24:51 Installing WordPress
00:26:25 Important WordPress Settings
00:31:22 Installing Theme & Plugins
00:35:22 WooCommerce Quick Setup
00:38:31 WooCommerce Advanced Settings
00:40:18 WooCommerce Tax Settings
00:41:48 Shipping Settings
00:44:26 Integrating PayPal
00:46:31 Creating Simple Product
00:50:29 Variable Product
00:53:07 Digital Product
00:55:35 Installing Ultimate Affiliate Pro Plugin
01:00:05 UAP Dashboard
01:01:04 Affiliate Ranks
01:04:33 Affiliate Offers
01:06:28 Landing Commission - CPA
01:09:02 Creatives and Banners for Affiliates
01:10:30 Register, Login & Account Page Design
01:18:05 Magic Features - Sign up Referrals CPL
01:18:46 Pay Per Click PPC
01:19:40 Cost per Mile CPM
01:20:56 Lifetime Commissions
01:21:16 Recuring Referrals
01:22:26 PayPal & Stripe Integration
01:25:48 Allow Own Referrals
01:26:17 Reassign Referrals
01:27:00 Bonus on Ranks, Optins & Coupons
01:28:42 Friendly Affiliate Links & Wallet
01:29:56 Fair Checkout Reward & Referrals Notifications
01:31:10 Periodic Reports & More Settings
01:35:37 Affiliate Flashbar
01:36:18 Product Links
01:37:44 Ultimate Affiliate Pro General Settings
01:40:57 Creating Menu
01:42:43 Sign Up as Affiliate
01:49:26 Creating Home Page
01:54:32 Creating Blog or Post
01:56:49 Creating About Us Page
01:57:50 Creating Contact Page
02:00:05 Blog Page
02:00:37 Creating Menus
02:02:07 Footer
02:04:32 Shop Page Sidebar
02:06:47 Blog Sidebar
02:08:41 Final Customization

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