Make More Money with Inviting Design

We’re continuing our miniseries on short term rentals this week with another fabulous guest, Nicole Herman! If you’ve ever looked on Airbnb, VRBO, or another short term rental marketing platform, you probably noticed the huge range of options available - from sparsely furnished rooms with one pillow to luxurious, beautifully designed homes. It’s no surprise that those aesthetically appealing places get booked more often - so are you maximizing your short term rental’s bookability, beauty, and revenue?

Nicole Herman has been a professional interior designer for over 12 years, working with local boutique restauranteurs, five-star luxury hotel clients and many well-known and internationally recognized brands. She was inspired by the growing trend of the hospitality world colliding with the residential world. Through The Social Home, Nicole is using her wealth of knowledge from her Hospitality background to help hosts optimize their properties by turning them into their very own Tiny Boutique Hotels.

Nicole and I chat about her career as an interior designer and what inspired her to start working with owners of short term rentals. She talks about her design process and how she works with clients to create an inviting space that people can’t wait to book. We also discuss the many reasons to hire an interior designer and why it’s an investment that doesn’t need to break the bank & can pay huge dividends.

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