How Airports Make Money | How Indian Airlines Earn Money in HINDI | Business Model of Airports

Hey Guys,
In this video i'll explain you how Indian Airports Earn money from Indian Airlines like: Spicejet, Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo, etc.
Each flight take off & land changes are fixed by airport & even airport takes parking charges of flights for each hour.
Why flight charges are high & how these amount get split between airlines & airport.
What is the exact operating cost of each flight & how these different flight companies earn money by travel.
You'll be shocked by knowing these unknown facts after watching this video.

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Queries Solved:
1) Flight earning in Hindi
2) How much Airport earn from each passenger
3) What is Airport service charges & passenger service fee
4) How our flight fare split amount different agencies.
5) Business model of Airport in Hindi

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