How to Start Investing in Stocks and Build Passive Income

How to start investing into stocks to build passive income, even if your just getting started: Free Stock -

Now any company like Robinhood, Etrade, fidelity, doesn’t matter they would all gladly take your money even if you don’t know what you're doing. So, in this video, I’m going to make sure you know what steps you need to take to start investing in stocks. And theirs only 3 steps so make sure you stick around till the end.

What are Stocks?: ( Don’t complicate it)
Real: Stocks are securities that represent ownership in the company.
When you buy a stock you're buying a share, which is basically a piece of a company.

Dividend: ( this is where passive income comes into play)
Since you’re a partial owner, some companies decide to share the profits every quarter, and some choose to reinvest it. ( I like getting my profits)

Ways to invest into Stocks: quick summary full video just let me know.

Methods: The catch they make money where you lose or win
1. Financial Apps
Robin Hood Wealthfront Sofi invest Etrade Stash Chase M1 finance

Point is: Every company wants your money because they all either get trading fees or some kickback every time you buy stock.

What I recommend: If I were buying stocks, I would go with Robinhood And M1 finance for fractional shares.

Pros: before I get to passive Income
Growth: buy low and sell high
Tax Advantage: Profit are taxed usually at 15% if long term over 1 year
You Get to be an owner

Risk: buy a company means your placing your eggs in to that company, and if you're not diversified, you could lose everything. (GoPro Example)
No Real Control: your just riding a wave really
You cant buy based on emotion but based on facts

The 3 steps you Need To start investing in stocks:

1. Pick a Sector:
- Why: You can’t be an expert at everything. Buying stocks is buying a business. And every business is different. You cant go from Pepsi to nuclear advancements, you have to understand what you're investing into.
- Good: Once you pick a sector, you can become an expert about it, become the go-to person. Read everything on it and spend your time doing constant research.
- Me: When I was investing, the sector I picked was online shopping and also retail. Amazon, Walmart, and so on.

2. Education: You can't just listen to people talk on Yahoo finance and pretend to know what they are talking about.
Why: Once you pick a nitch, you’ll need to understand the stock market from its basics to complexities.
Example: I Knew where to invest and what companies I liked, but I knew nothing about how to actually understand the investments I was making.
How: Three ways: Experience, People Mentors, Books, I recommend all three.
Mentors: if you know someone great if you don’t watch youtube videos or interviews and find the person you want to look up to.
Books: I read the intelligent investor, The Richest Man In Babylon, The millionaire mind. ( don’t ever stop reading)
Experience: apply the information, once you read, experiments, don’t procrastinate on actually trying.
Me: Once I read about, found a mentor, I instantly started practicing it. To many people over thing it.

3. Research and Apply: this is taking everything you learn and applying it.
How: To find stocks, you have to go and out and read about everything in your sector.
The key is- to find undervalued stocks and buy at a low price and either hold them or sell them or sell them. (once your done reading you’ll understand)
Why: Once you find a stock, you want to read everything about them. Not the news or what yahoo finance has to say. But the financial documents, all the sec fillings, balance sheets, 10k forms, everything on the company. The more you know, the better.
Example: One I would find a perspective stock, I would read all the financial documents, calculate the intrinsic value and all the valuing necessary then I would decide if I should invest or not.

Tip: remember these are public companies so they have to disclose everything, but they could use fancy accounting tactics to make things sound better than they are, so your job is to know what they are doing.





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