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I am here to test make money online programs and share the experience with you. I am a normal person with big ambitions. I am here to put all of the “Get Rich Online” plans to the test! Please look around and subscribe to my progress!


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I am here to put the “Get Rich Quick” schemes to the test. There are too many books, sites, videos, and podcasts out there claiming that you can make $5,000+ a month by doing “SEO, podcasting, ebook publishing, and various other methods.” I will personally be trying many different programs and we will see what works and what does not.

Before we get started though I feel it to be of importance that I share with you a little about myself. I am 36 years old, I have a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. I went to school at a late age (late 20’s) because I got tired of just scraping by. So I took the advice of many and went back to school. Now, with a Master’s degree and $100,000+ in debt, I am working as a teacher in Japan. I make a comfortable salary but I am now struggling due to the student loans. The thought of having financial security and freedom from my loans so I can have a family is greatly diminishing.

That’s when I discovered sites about these “Make $5,000 Per Month in Passive Income” through: SEO, YouTube, eBooks, and so many other businesses. Of course I was excited and anxious to try them out! I thought this was my ticket to freedom. But I have been burned many times before and I can’t afford to fail. So I have been reading books, watching videos, and trying to learn many skills and techniques to implement into these projects. I am determined to find the best work from home and make money online programs.

I do not believe that I am an expert. But I do believe that I am knowledgeable enough to make this successful. It is my greatest hope that I will be able to share and teach you what Truly works and what is a Scam. Please join me on this project and I hope I am able to help.



Adam S. Kuhn

Entrepreneur, A.S.K? Solutions

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